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About August 14, 2011

I have a Child Development Site Supervisor Permit (highest level preschool teaching credential) from the State of California. My child care business is state licensed. I meet all of the Child Care Health and Safety Training requirements (AB243) mandated by the State of California. This training includes pediatric CPR, Pediatric First Aid, Infectious Disease
Control, Child Nutrition/Food Handling and Injury Prevention/Emergency Preparedness. Over the years I have accumulated hundreds of hours of formal training in my profession, including university level courses in early childhood
education. I have an Associates of Arts degree in general education and am working towards a masters in my field. My professional growth will be an on-going journey through which I will continue to promote quality child care and the education of young children.

The dedication I have to my chosen profession is reflected in my home and in my interaction with you and your child. It is clear to anyone who steps into my home that it has been set up to accommodate children. I consider it a privilege to
participate in the nurturing, care, and enrichment of your child. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

-Lynda Schwabe

License #010214622


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